Wastewater Treatment System

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The Turn-key Wastewater Management System: simple, safe and cost effective. Wastewater Engineering treats vibratory systems, cleaning fluids from washing systems, coolant disposal, oil, and heavy metals.

  • Sophisticated, yet user-friendly technology
  • Guaranteed to meet most local sewer discharge limits
  • Excellent choice of recycling
  • Clear advantages over ultrafiltration and evaporation
  • No hazardous by-products
  • Compact typical dimensions only 48”x48” floor space
  • Batch size of 65, 200, 350 and 500 gallons. Cycle takes 30 minutes and requires only 10 minutes of low-skilled attendance
  • Very low maintenance – case histories available with years of service and number of repairs
  • Handles almost any aqueous based fluid, including metal plating, vibratory, equipment and parts washing, floor cleaning, metal working fluids, etc.


Product Specs:

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