Aluminum Oxide

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Aluminum Oxide is widely used as a tough recoverable media for quick removal of paint, rust and scale. It is also a good choice for pre-paint adhesion.

(Duralum® and Blastite® both meet the sizing standards set forth in MIL A21380 B). 

Other applications include:

  • Cleaning of investment castings
  • Scale removal in steam turbines
  • Surface preparation for thermal spray coatings
  • Rust removal
  • Hard oxide removal (titanium, zirconium, etc.)
  • Glass etching or frosting
  • Monument lettering
  • Aircraft engine overhaul
  • Matte finishing

When propelled by air, aluminum oxide acts as a powerful multi-edged abrasive tool that will penetrate the work piece while leaving an exceptionally clean, etched surface. It is used on metal, glass, ceramic, marble, granite and other stone surfaces. Aluminum oxide is manufactured in block shapes with multiple sharp cutting edges. 


Product Specs:

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